PVDF-IIE (HS) - 20years warranty membrane

PVDF-IIE (HS) series have enhanced heat shield property and can be offered with 20 year warranty.

PVDF-IIE (HS) does not display any cracking nor any deterioration after the equivalent of 25 year in Xenon accelerated testing. Tensile Strength remains almost the same.
Retention of tensile strength
Xenon Accelerated Test
(Equivalent of 25 year exposure)(%)
Warp 98.4%
Fill 97.7%
Equivaient to 25year exposure

 DEODORATEX(TM) (Odor Eliminating Mesh)

★ Contributing to reduce odor problems such as ammonia odor.
★ Improving air quality
★ Contributing to enhance workability.
★ Contributing to reduce livestock's stress.
★ Improve productivity.

 Heat Shield Fabrics (HS Type)

★ Useful to inhibit internal temperature increase for architectural and agricultural structures.
★ Contributing to reduce heat stress.
★ Reducing cost of air-condition ngandcontributing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in summer.

 HIRAOKA Capsicote (Mouse Deterrent Fabric)

Mouse Deterrent Fabric was developed for protecting stored grain from mice.
Testing by a Japanese public institution demonstrated that the additive has an effect on deterring mice.

Results of gnawing test
HIRAOKA Mouse Deterrent Sheet General PVC Fabric

 Flexible Solar Panel Integrated PVC Sheet (Developing Stage)

★ Excellent durability to heat and humidity
★ Excellent weatherproof
★ Excellent durability to fluttering
★ 22W and 44W types available