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Excellent Dirt Resistance Surface

Standard PVDF layers generated electrical charge that attracts dirt. Our new PVDF-II has a special fluorine layer on top of PVDF lacquer to prevent dirt adhesion caused by the electrostatic attraction.

Easy Clean Surface
Hiraoka's unique PVDF-II formulation not only resists dirt and weathering, but it is easy to clean with a simple wipe of the surface.

Super Smooth Surface
The special coating technique employed by Hiraoka gives a super smooth fabric surface which eliminates the opportunity for ingrained dirt to spoil the fabric's appearance.


We have developed ultra-high translucency fabrics with high tensile strength and the UV protection for use in the same applications as the traditional translucent fabrics.
Type I, II and III can be used for tension, frame and air supported structures.
This series can be combined with the traditional translucent and/or opaque fabrics under the same biaxial behavior and architectonics because the same scrim is used.
15 year warranty
Style 102T-IIE(SAC) 212T-IIE(SAC) 313T-IIE(SAC)
Light Transmission 40% 35% 30%
Tensile Strength
310 X 310 450 X 450 570 X 570
Weight(g/m2) 800 940 1,100


The transparent fabrics from Hiraoka allow you to create an environment the feels like the bright outdoors, but provides excellent weather protection.
These incredibly durable fabrics permit very high levels of natural light into a structure to create a wonderful ambience.
The transparent fabrics can also be combined with the more traditional white fabrics in the same structure.

10 year warranty

SA-4180 : 63 % Light Transmission
SA-1800-H : 64 % Light Transmission
SA-1800-C : Heat Shield version of SA-1800-H with the pearl appearance. 53 % Light Transmission


High Light Transmission
The Light Transmissions of our translucent fabrics are 4 〜 6% higher than our competitors? fabrics.


The technical excellence of Hiraoka Architectural Structures Fabric is backed by a 15 year warranty (104T = 10 year warranty) for usage in normal conditions. A 20 year warranty applies to the Heat Shield version of these fabrics.

Easy combination use
This series can be easily used together with semi-transparent series
and/or Opaque series under the same biaxial behavior and architectonics
because the same scrim is used.

20 year warranty 15 year warranty 10 year warranty

Type - I II III IV
Style 104T 102T-IIE 212T-IIE 313T-IIE 412T-IIE
Light Transmission - 13% 12% 11% 8%
Weight 635g/m2 800g/m2 940g/m2 1,100g/m2 1,350g/m2
Warranty Year 10 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20

Colored, Opaque, HS availabe upon your request.
 Opaque (Block out)

This fabric blocks light transmission for many applications where you need to reduce glare or control the lighting conditions.
A black film is contained in an opaque fabric to cut off light.
Hiraoka opaque is available subject to order.
The series can also be combined with the traditional white translucent fabrics and/or the semi-transparent fabrics in the same structure.

20 year warranty 15 year warranty

102T-IIE (PB)(HS)    102T-IIE (PB)
212T-IIE (PB)(HS)    212T-IIE (PB)
312T-IIE (PB)(HS)    312T-IIE (PB)
412T-IIE (PB)(HS)    412T-IIE (PB)


102T-IIE (MT) Gold, Silver, Copper
212T-IIE (MT) Gold, Silver, Copper
312T-IIE (MT) Gold, Silver, Copper
412T-IIE (MT) Gold, Silver, Copper

  ・E-Brochure 102T-II

  ・E-Brochure 202T-II
  ・E-Brochure 312T-II